Beverly Hills: Pros and Cons

So I had to go to Beverly Hills for a road appointment today. (Road appointment: think Avon Lady but with a rolling rack with a body bag hanging on it.)
It is nice to get out and it breaks up the day… but it’s a gigantic pain. I spent most of the time going over the pros and cons in my head. I should have emailed them to myself, but who has time for that?
– Being in Beverly Hills on a major shopping street during the day on a weekday exponentially increases one’s chances of seeing a celebrity. I love celebrities.
– Cruising with the windows down and the radio up on Robertson Avenue during office hours on a beautiful day. Gotta love that. 
– The abundance of coffee shops makes a pit stop inevitable. (Thanks Peet’s!)
– Beverly Hills = $$$ … seeing people rolling in Bentleys and Lamborghini’s gives me a) hope that I may one day roll in a G Wagon and b) that at least someone has money.
– Did I mention the high chance of seeing someone famous? Cause that’s a good one. 

– Not actually seeing anyone famous. Ugh.
– Did I mention the body bag on the rolling rack? Picture that… now picture me trying to get it all out of my car. On a slant in a parking garage. Next to a $200K car. 
– Being the only one on the street that is working… and sweating… and rolling a body bag. (This is a pro on one count- the homeless people didn’t ask me for money. There were two of them. Hey, if I was homeless you better believe I’d be panhandling in the richest part of town!)
– Going back to work.

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