Don’t Block My Driveway!

When one lives in the suburbs or a city that doesn’t require a car, one takes their driveway totally for granted. 
When one lives in LA and their garage is barely the width of a car and the driveway is even narrower- every inch of the driveway is necessary for getting the car in the garage unscathed.
(And, yes, I know I am so lucky to have a garage to park in.)
Since street parking is scarce (though better here than in other neighborhoods) people get brave and start blocking driveways. Now, they aren’t so bold as to totally block the way, just to let their bumper hang over a foot or two. This doesn’t seem so bad, until you realize that a foot or two is about half the driveway and suddenly it is impossible for one to get a car in and out of the garage. 
This happened last night when I got home from Trader Joe’s. There was a blue Mazda hanging about two feet into my driveway. So not cool. So I called LAPD and had them ticketed, thankyouverymuch
Moral of the story: If you block my driveway I can and will have you ticketed.

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