Tragedy or Comedy?

Remember in Something Like Fiction with Will Ferrill was trying to figure out if his life was a tragedy or a comedy? My life hands down, no questions asked is a comedy.

I camped at East Harbor State Park on Lake Erie in Ohio last night. Yesterday morning I googled a campground that was cheap and nice and the right distance away from where I was. Thats the one that came up- it looked nice, had good reviews and, since it’s a state park, I figured it would be cheap.

I got there and it was $21 for a primitive site. Strike 1. I didn’t leave myself another option and I was really banking on a relaxing morning so I went with it. At least they have showers and a beach.

I got settled in my spot (near an old couple in an RV, but not too close) and went looking for the beach. I never found it. Strike 2.

Oh well, I thought. I’ll just go back to my site and make some tea and read… I spilled 90% of my tea into the fire then it started to rain. Dang. Well, I’ll just go get ready for bed and curl up in my tent and watch TV on my iPod.

So I get my stuff out and start heading for the bathroom. It’s locked. No big deal, there is another one on the other side of the campground. There are 3 people cussin’ about the closed bathroom so I told them there is another one.

The Cussin’ Three had been birding all weekend and needed a shower. It was a dad, his daughter and her boyfriend from Bulgaria. They are from Southern Ohio. He used to live in Prescott. He saw 78 species of birds in one 8 hour stretch this weekend… and on… and on… and on. I got invited to go see the lighthouse (which I couldn’t find in the morning), to go birding, and to breakfast. I felt like I was being punked, all I wanted was to wash my face and crawl in my warm sleeping bag.

I finally shook The Cussin’ Three and went back to my tent. I watched some TV and went to sleep.

I woke up to… the garbage truck? No. What is that? I peeked out my tent at 7am to see construction workers, a dumptruck, an asphalt layer and all kinds of machines that do noisy things. Is this real? I tried to sleep through it, but when they got to the site next to mine I gave up and packed up. Strike 3, you’re OUT.

I got packed up and hit the showers- at least there were free hot showers! Well. They said they were hot. I waited and waited and waited. No hot water. I took a cold (ok tepid) shower this morning. Strike… 4?

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