So, I love Colorado. Turns out I know, like, a million people here. It’s beautiful, there is good food, good coffee (Stella’s, The Cup, The Unseen Bean), nice people, it’s easy to get around…
I spent a week in Estes Park with a bunch of 60 year old women, it was surprisingly fun. I loved hearing everyones stories. I can’t see my story cause I am still at the beginning. I have chapters and anecdotes, but when one is 60+ they can look back and see the story. See where God intervened, where the plot twists… it’s exciting. 
We went up to the mountains to spend a week studying the book of Esther (in the Bible). It was awesome. God is never actually mentioned in the book, but He is all over it. It’s really an amazing story, and encouraging that even when you can’t see God, He is there. He is working.
I am really excited to get to Seattle to see Cynthia… and really looking forward to the drive there through Wyoming and Montana… but I am not looking forward to leaving Colorado. I am staying with this awesome family much like the Haan/Johnson Bunch. It’s cool to know them cause it gives me an idea of what it is like to be friends with our family… Plus they’re rad.

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