Haiti: Hope for Marjolene

What an amazing day!

I wrote about Marjolene just last night. I have been thinking about her all weekend. I really wanted to introduce her to my friend, June. Unfortunately, June goes to school from 7am to 2pm- and I am rarely in the camp in the afternoon or evening. I prayed this weekend that June would be around one morning this week so we could go visit Marjolene.

When we got to camp this morning who did I see? June!! Praise God! I ran over to her to tell her all about Marjolene and my prayers for her to be around in the morning. She was really excited too. It was unusual for her to be home today and she wasn’t totally sure what possessed her to miss school today. I told her all about Marjolene and how I thought it would be wonderful for them to be friends. She totally got on board and was excited to go meet her.

So June, Jean Philipe (the translator), Matt (my ministry partner) and I set out to find Marjolenes tent. I was there on Friday, but apparently didn’t pay close enough attention to where I was going because it took us almost two hours to find her tent again. Finally finding Marjolene was a great victory!

We spent a little over an hour in her tent with her. It was the most awesome thing of my life. June was amazing. She talked to her and encouraged her. Told her about how I prayed she would be home today to meet her. We sang together and prayed together. We read some Psalms and encouraged Marjolene in the hope she can find in Jesus. That God is the author of our lives and our Healer and Provider.

Marjolene told us that she was with her older sister when the earthquake hit. A wall fell on them and her sister was killed. The wall hit Marjolene in the head and now she has difficulty standing up. She gets awful headaches and dizziness. We are praying for healing.

We told Marjolene all about the hope we find in Jesus and the promise of eternal life. She told us she had not accepted Jesus as her personal Savior so we talked a little bit about that. We gently asked if she would like to accept the gift of salvation and she said yes! June prayed with her and the angels danced in Heaven!! It was the most amazing moment.

We saw hope planted in a hopeless life. We saw the seed of joy today planted in a joyless heart. We got to be used by the Almighty Creator to bring the message of peace and love to one who thought she was forgotten.

This is why I am in Haiti.

Please continue to pray for Marjolene. Pray for protection for her because where there is great victory there also is spiritual attack. Pray for her healing. Pray for her provision.


8 thoughts on “Haiti: Hope for Marjolene

  1. Wow…I know how much of a burden this was for you last week…this is what happens when prayerful obedience is practiced. Great stuff.

  2. Casey,

    My heart is still there! I can’t get you or the people we met out of mind. I am so glad to hear that you were able to bring these women together! You are truly doing God’s work. Glad to know that Matt is your ministry partner too. Tell everyone that I am praying for the team this week throughout the day.

  3. What an awesome God we serve!

    We know for sure he had his had on the three of you and was guiding each one in the right direction towards each other and to him. This made me cry happy tears.

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