Haiti: Storm

As you may have seen in the news, a storm hit Port au Prince yesterday. ‘Our’ tent city has not been spared. JP HRO reported this morning that their base camp and hospital have been wiped out and they’ve moved hospital operations into the country club’s weight room. I also just found out that the church so many of us spent so much time in blew down. God only knows what happened to all the shanty tents so many of our friends live in.

Please, please keep praying for the Haitians. Pray for Marjolene, June and Jhonnyka. Pray for the Carmele’s and their young families. Pray for the children.

JP HRO (the organization that runs the tent city we worked in) is asking for donations to get things up and running again. I feel like this is the best way to help right now- they are a super effective, organized and efficient operation. They need to get their base camp running again so they can help the 55,000 people living there get shelter over their heads. Donate here.

Photo snached from JP HRO’s Facebook page


One thought on “Haiti: Storm

  1. Thank you Casey for posting this. I’ve been chatting with folks there on the ground and other volunteers that I served with at Base Camp. It’s really really hard to see our base camp tent demolished and the tent-hospital is gone. Let’s keep them all lifted up and listen to whatever God wants us to do. I’m trying to go back in November for 8 days. You plan on going back???

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