Coffee: Joe Bar Seattle

Joe Bar was the last stop on our Capital Hill coffee tour (everyone was getting jittery and hungry…)

Joe Bar is a favorite among my sisters friends, though I am not totally sure why. I am not totally sure who’s beans they serve because it was a roaster I’ve never heard of. Their small latte (8oz) only comes with one shot (I hate that. Espresso shots pull two at a time. They’re wasting one!). It was a bit too milky. It was good… but unremarkable.

The space really didn’t do anything for me. It was hot and stuffy and smelled like food. Side note: I’ve decided I don’t like coffee shops that serve food. Do one thing and do it right. Adding a kitchen is too distracting.

So Joe Bar. It’s alright I guess.

Coffee 3/5

Atmosphere 1/5

Service 2/5


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