Coffee: Roy Street (aka The Fake Starbucks) Seattle

I don’t believe Starbucks is inherently evil (I was a happy employee for nearly two years) but I do think they’re awful. (That, however, is another post.)

Apparently, Starbucks wants to get on the Third Wave coffee train. I think this is great because, frankly, it shocks me every time I see someone in the Northwest with a Starbucks cup. (Let’s be real. They’re crazy… or have no taste buds.)

Roy Street is one such shop (to my knowledge there are two shops in Seattle). I wanted to go as a lark. See what it’s like discuss the pros and cons. Hate on the coffee… Much to my chagrin I loved this place!

Imagine opening a coffee shop and having no budget- nothing holding you back… it would be amazing, right? Well, Roy Street is kind of amazing. It’s an absolutely beautiful space. Perfectly decorated, cozy, comfortable, quiet. Just right to meet a friend or to get some work done. They have all kinds of fun Clover machines to play with and don’t mind showing them off.

The Baristas were friendly and helpful. Happy to geek out about coffee with us and talk about their employer and their strange new venture. My latte was nothing to write home about, but I enjoyed it. They get their beans straight from the distributor so they’re much fresher than any Starbucks and they get the pick of the crops… though their coffee doesn’t begin to compare to Stumptown or Intelligentsia. (Big surprise, right?)

We asked about the “worlds only Clover pour through machine” they had on the counter and they gave us a demonstration and a free cup. I loved that. We chatted all about Clover machines while they were brewing.

I liked Roy Street. I would go there to hang out… and honestly, I don’t have qualms about supporting a corporate giant. I worked for Starbucks and they took care of me. In fact, if I lived in Seattle this is where I would want to work. It’s the best of both worlds: you get the benefit of working for a corporate giant (benefits, good vacation time, etc.) but the perks of being in a cool shop (decent coffee, a nice espresso bar, latte art).

Coffee 2/5

Ambiance 5/5

Service 5/5

The worlds only Clover pour through machine


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