Viva Las Vega$!

3 Nights

1191 Miles

9(ish) Hours of sleep

8 New friends

7 Sugar Free Red Bulls

5 Restaurants

3 Ke$ha bracelets

2 Movies at ‘Johnson Cinemas’

2 Home cooked Thai breakfasts

1 Sequin mini skirt

Lots and lots of laughs and dancing


I had SUCH a fun weekend in Las Vegas! I’ve only ever gone for work before (Trade Shows. Read: exhausting, stressful, catty), so I never really liked it there… this weekend changed everything!

Dana and I were supposed to go out to visit Dad, but she got sick. I figured I took time out of my schedule to go so I’d go anyway and have a relaxing weekend with Dad and Pat. When I got there I found out Billy was there with a bunch of friends! I was beyond excited! Billy is one of my all time favorite humans.

So I got the best of both worlds! I got to sit around with Dad and watch movies during the day, and got to dance with Billy (and his awesometown friends) all night!!

And now… I am exhausted!


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