Relocation: It’s Going Down

(not me)(0.3 of you got the Plankeye reference. You’re welcome.)

I am moving to London. Finally.

I am not sure what exactly I will do there or how on earth I am going to sort out a visa, but I have a wish, a prayer and an ample helping of sheer determination to get me going.

Currently I am taking one million units at school so I can finish and move on with my life. I am hoping to graduate in March, but as of today it’s not looking likely. (Damn you CSU and your silly upper division general education requirements!) As soon as I have a graduation date I will start pounding pavement for a job, a visa, and/or an acceptance letter to graduate school.

Here goes nothing!



Do me Daily Christopher Bailey… and Agy.

Last night I dreamed I was working with Christopher Bailey and Agyness Deyn doing promotional work for The Beat…. I didn’t want to wake up!

Today Fashionista┬áled me to this video… I love it. It’s… aspirational. I so want to be, not only involved in national campaigns and with a Brand like Burberry, but alsoAgy jus tlooks so damn cool dancing around and being free- even in front of all those cameras! I love it all.
Hey, remember when I met C Bailey and he told me I look like Agyness? Yeah. Best day of my life. Ever.

Do blondes really have more fun?

So Agyness Deyn recently went brunette.

I have mixed feelings. See, I was thinking of going brown, but I feel like I can’t now ’cause then I would be copying her. But! Part of why I didn’t want to go darker was because I enjoy looking a bit like a supermodel (I know, call me crazy!).

I’m kinda bored of being blonde… but I like my hair better light and I like Agys hair better light… So we’ll see what happens.

Also, her outfit here (backstage during Paris fash week) is really freakin cute.

Photo from


Preen has never really made it onto my radar before, but this season it’s just so pretty! I have to admit, though, the only reason I looked at it first was because of this photo of Agyness on the front page of

I loooove the draping and the layering and the sequins! It’s sooo pretty and sooo interesting. I think that’s one of my biggest beefs with the way people dress themselves on a daily basis- there’s just not much visual interest.

I am a huge fan of the short bubble dresses this spring so I’m happy to see one on the runway for next year.

My favorite part about this bubble dress? The sexy back!! Look at Agy walking away behind the look featured in this image. Isn’t that sooo hot!? I love it!