OMG I love this

From Garance Dore


Some things (this is a pointless entry):

Dalene and I bought sweet headband things like the one she brought home from Austraila to wear on our road trip. They are hecka awesome and the seller on etsy is super nice and sent us a free one. You should buy one too:

Dalene is back in business! She is renting a chair in a salon in downtown Livermore. Today was her first day and she gave me my best haircut yet! It’s sort of a faux bob. Agyness and P!nk are sure to follow.

This is the first week of intensive (sort of) Bible study with the girls. We decided to ramp it up for fall with a Beth Moore study on the book of Daniel. So far it is amazing. I read through the book (of the Bible not the study) before we started. It got me thinking about ‘Daniel’s diet’ and how I’d like to try it… but maybe not really. I would die of starvation since I don’t like vegetables. I’ve decided to try eating vegan for the duration of the study as sort of a fast, but I am failing somewhat miserably. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about my experience with attempting Daniel’s diet… but that sort of ruins the whole point of fasting. You’re not supposed to tell anyone. (Whoops. No one reads this though, right?) So. Look for an upcoming entry on my failures as a faster.

I just watched Sisterhood of the Traveling pants. Here is what I thought:
I am so glad I have awesome girlfriends
Why didn’t anyone tell me this movie was SAD??
I’d like to go to Greece and be saved from drowning by a handsome man that owns a boat
Do I have mascara all over my face? (the answer was yes. ALL over.)

(photobooth photos are amazingly unflattering. Or is it that I just cried through a movie? Anyway, this is my awesome headwrap/dreadwrap/thing…)