Haiti: Observations

Post-earthquake Haiti seems to be a place where worlds clash. Like the earth shook up the balance between oil and water and it got everywhere. Food is expensive. Some of it more expensive than at home. Rent is high. And Sean Penn running the tent city seriously blows my mind, and he brings in celebrity friends to see, to help, to attract attention. Spike Lee is there now. Demi Moore was there walking around the tents a few weeks ago (so I hear). Hollywood and the third world collide.

I am walking around in places I’ve seen dozens of pictures of on the news and in magazines. NGO’s are everywhere. It’s the craziest thing. I feel like I am in the middle of… I don’t even know what. I can’t begin to imagine what it was like in the post-quake chaos with all the media here.


Spotted: Lisa Rinna

Driving down Beverly on my way out of Hollywood I saw Lisa Rinna coming out of the Jewish grocery store. I couldn’t get my camera phone out fast enough to actually catch an image of her, but that is her getting into the car. 
She looked good. Not super hot, but very attractive and her lips look pretty good in real life, haha.

Spotted: Helena Christensen

Shane & Nikki took me to lunch at the cafe in American Rag in 3rd today, so delicious. We sat on the sidewalk and had a really nice time catching up on life and the wedding. When we get up to go I noticed Helena Christensen sitting a few tables down from us. Awesome!! Her eyes are amazing, but she was disappointingly leathery… must be all the tanning and smoking… 
I love seeing famous people. Especially when they are fashion peeps. Thanks West Hollywood and Shane & Nikki!

Spotted: Maeby Fünke

Ok, her real name is Alia Shawkat, but I would like to think I ran into Maeby.

Jimi and I walked down to Intelligentsia after washing my car yesterday afternoon to get some delicious iced coffee. We were standing out front after drinking said coffee deciding where to get food when some girl walkes out. We sort of stated at each other as people in LA typiclly do (you know, checking to see if you’re “somebody”) it was kind of an awkward stare cause she was like 10 inches shorter than me and the stare lasted about a second to long. The moment the look was broken, she was behind me and I went “OMG! Maeby Fünke!!” (To which Jimi said, “Who?” Sad.)

Then I called everyone I know.

Spotted: Shane West at Ratatat

Ok, so I am way behing on my blogging… I’m a busy girl.

September 9, 2008: Henry Fonda Theater

We saw Shane West hanging out on the balcony (about 10 feet from our seats) with a friend. He didn’t look that great, but we’ll always have A Walk to Remember.

The show was awesome, the security there not so much. Tyrants. All of them…. but that is a whole other story.