The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear!!!

And He shall reign forever and ever,
King of kings! and Lord of lords!
And He shall reign forever and ever,
King of kings! and Lord of lords!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Steve (my amazing and wonderful step-dad) is in a chior that participated in a flash mob at Nordstrom at the Stoneridge Mall. I was so excited to be there for this and to experience the BEST Christmas activity EVER. Not only was it wonderful and magical, beautiful and exciting, but the Name of our Lord was proclaimed at the mall on the busiest shopping day of the year!

I like to think someone there in that mall asked God for a sign when suddenly, a hundred people broke into the Hallelujah Chorus! I am sure something like that happened- though I imagine I’ll have to wait until I get to Heaven to hear about it.

My video is really wibbly- I was so excited I was trembling! Enjoy!!



Tonight I went with my family to see the Nutcracker at the Bankhead theater. It was surprisingly good for a home town production!

When all the little kids came out and danced I couldn’t help but think about the kids in the tent city in Haiti. I cried through most of the opening party scene thinking about the kids. Thinking about the things they’re missing, and missing them.

And I’m off.

Tonight my best friends (minus Emily and two Daniels) gathered with me to pray me out to Haiti. I am so deeply blessed to have such a loving and solid community that I deeply love, that deeply loves me and the honors God in all things. Thank you Jesus. And thank you to all of you who are praying. I love you all.

The Life Changer

Ok, so. I pretty much always drink the same thing at work: a triple small iced Americano, half water, with one pump of simple syrup and a splash of half and half. It’s delicious. Its rich, smooth, very strong (Basically, it’s equal parts water and espresso with a touch of cream and sugar) and, apparently, looks really good.

The other day when I was headed out with my drink to sit with a friend for my lunch break one of the regulars stopped me to comment on how good my drink looked and ask me what it was. I told him, and told him that it was amazing and that he should try it. He said next time he came in I should make it for him. I said ok then promptly forgot this ever happened.

About a week later (so, the other day) he came in, I mistook him for another guy (I thought he was Medium Non-fat Latte, where in fact he is Medium Extra Foamy Latte) and embarrassed myself. Then he reminded me that I was going to make him my drink. So I did.

While I made the drink I warned him that it was so good it would change his life (a phrase I use all too often). So he picks it up, gives it a stir and starts to walk away…

…then he turned around and, in all seriousness, said “If you’re going to change my life, I need to know your name.”

aaannnnnnnd, scene.

At right: The beverage in question, now to be called The Life Changer. Coming soon to a coffee menu near you.

He is Alive! He is alive! We are free!

As you may know, I am part of a weekly woman’s Bible Study with 7 of the most wonderful, fun, loving, beautiful women in the whole wide world. We have done a few studies together now and we just finished our latest in time for Easter.

This most recent study was Beth Moore’s Jesus, the One and Only. I really pushed for us to do this one because, well, frankly, I don’t really get Jesus and I really, really, really want to. I find I connect more with God the Father and Holy Spirit. God makes more sense to me that way. What doesn’t make any sense is God as man. Total mind bender, that is.

But Jesus is God. And without Him I’m screwed. We’re all screwed. Jesus is the absolute key figure in all of the whole time line of Creation. We can’t do this without Him. So, naturally, I wanted to learn more. Maybe good old Beth Moore could help me fall in love with Jesus.

So around Christmas time we started with the birth of Christ and around Easter got to His death and resurrection. Perfect timing.

The perfect set up to celebrate Jesus for Easter. This is, I think, the first Easter that really meant something to me. If not the first, then definitely the most meaningful. Praise the Lord for the community of people I have around me walking with me towards Him and the church I belong to that equips us to do so.

Derek and Rachel led worship on Friday and did an amazing job. Adrian taught. It wasn’t an emotional, heart-strings service. It was real. God was there and He spoke. It was amazing.

After church I hosted a Passover seder at my house. It was my first time doing anything like this, and I was really excited. A bunch of my friends came and we had a good time learning about what the Last Supper of our Lord might have been like. This is definitely something that I will be doing every year from now on. I think it is important for us to understand Jewish traditions.

Then. Easter. Resurrection Sunday. Praise the Lord. God is with us. He loves us. He gave everything for us. The least I can do it give Him my measly little life.