On Shia.

A couple weeks ago my course leader arranged a symposium for our Fashion Spectacle class. A handful of people in various parts of the industry came and spoke with us about their exeroences. About halfway through the day he said that we would be Skyping with UAL alum Nastja Säde Rönkkö and that she had a performance piece for us.
When the Skype call started we were all shocked to see Shia LeBeouf’s face pop up on the big screen! Afterward I learned that a few people thought it must have been a video. He introduced himself and then began reading from Guy DuBord’s The Society of Spectacle. It took a couple of minutes for me to catch onto what he was reading and to get my head wrapped around what was happening. To be honest it was hard to pay attention and not immediately start texting and tweeting about it!
It was a really interesting and exciting experience. I feel lucky that I got to experience it first hand and I am very thankful to our course leader for arranging it. We’ve been talking about how spectacle is built into our society and how necessarily fashion- particularly fashion photography- fit into that. Of course Shia is not a fashion photographer, but he is the best possible person to explore this concept of spectacle with. Because he is a well known celebrity his mere presence makes him a spectacle- the media attention and his ‘antics’ make the spectacular nature of his existence even more pronounced and obvious. However, to make it more interesting, the text he was reading decries the society of spectacle that we live in and his presentation was utterly boring and void of spectacle as it were. It was early morning in LA, he was dressed very casually, drinking coffee and reading to a bunch of students a text they should have already read. The spectacle ceases to be spectacular… But then one remembers again who he is and he just keeps reading and reading and reading for ages and the whole thing circles back around to being utterly spectacular.
The whole experience is a bit of a mind bender. Is he a brilliant artist? Or is he a wannabe cavorting with great artists? We might never know, but I absolutely love participating in the conversation.

Spotted: Lisa Rinna

Driving down Beverly on my way out of Hollywood I saw Lisa Rinna coming out of the Jewish grocery store. I couldn’t get my camera phone out fast enough to actually catch an image of her, but that is her getting into the car. 
She looked good. Not super hot, but very attractive and her lips look pretty good in real life, haha.

Spotted: Helena Christensen

Shane & Nikki took me to lunch at the cafe in American Rag in 3rd today, so delicious. We sat on the sidewalk and had a really nice time catching up on life and the wedding. When we get up to go I noticed Helena Christensen sitting a few tables down from us. Awesome!! Her eyes are amazing, but she was disappointingly leathery… must be all the tanning and smoking… 
I love seeing famous people. Especially when they are fashion peeps. Thanks West Hollywood and Shane & Nikki!

The KGB Took My Baby Away

Ok so weirdest thing… we were wrapping up our photo mission down in the arts district (read: hungry and running low on film) standing on the corner in this totally desserted part of town deciding where to get lunch and how to hook back up with our mate from foggy London- town when what drives by? A freaking motorcade of unmarked vehicles, cop cars, motorcycle police and KGB smartcars. Several of them. What.
Total rookie move my Rebel was in my bag and I’m franticly exiting out of my text message on my Blcakberry to get the camera… this is all I have to show for it… The other jerks with film cameras were reloading. It’s like we were caught with our pants down! Blowing it!!
Anyway, this is all the proof we have of the very odd, very quick, very…? event.

Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Spotted: Danny Masterson aka Steven Hyde

Danny Masterson owns a rad boutique down the street from my place called Confederacy. It is definitely the best store I have seen in LA so far… and I have seen my fair share. 
Anyway, we stopped in today after chowing down in some Pinkberry. They are having a Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, so it was pretty busy. I looked around for Danny… Didn’t see him. 
We went into the other building (menswear/ bags/ shoes/ sample sale) and there he was!! Woo! Exciting! I walked past him (he was between me and the shoes!) and he said hello and told me he likes my hair. Yes!
Then I texted my mom.

Spotted: David Spade

I finally saw someone famous at The Grove. Ashley and I were buying tickets to see Twilight (more on that later… maybe) and Jessica says, “Don’t look now, but David Spade is right behind you.” So of course I turned around!
He’s really short… and look like… David Spade. 
I just love seeing celebrities… even fallen stars… We’ll always have Tommy Boy, David. 
Thanks, LA!

Spotted: Maeby Fünke

Ok, her real name is Alia Shawkat, but I would like to think I ran into Maeby.

Jimi and I walked down to Intelligentsia after washing my car yesterday afternoon to get some delicious iced coffee. We were standing out front after drinking said coffee deciding where to get food when some girl walkes out. We sort of stated at each other as people in LA typiclly do (you know, checking to see if you’re “somebody”) it was kind of an awkward stare cause she was like 10 inches shorter than me and the stare lasted about a second to long. The moment the look was broken, she was behind me and I went “OMG! Maeby Fünke!!” (To which Jimi said, “Who?” Sad.)

Then I called everyone I know.