Editorial: Glitterati

il·lu·mi·na·ti noun (plural) /iˌlo͞oməˈnätē/
People claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something.

glit·ter·a·ti noun (plural)/ˈglitərätē/
People claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of glitter. Attractive, exciting, often superficial.

Model: Meesha Jones

Hair & Makeup: Brianna Scheff


Editorial: Fallen Rainbow

There’s a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby

skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true

Someday I’ll wish upon a star

And wake up where the clouds are far behind me

Birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh why can’t I?

Model: Dana Johnson

Hair & Makeup: Brianna Scheff

Editorial: Hot & Dangerous

Hot and Dangerous

If you’re one of us, then roll with us

Cause we make the hipsters fall in love

We runin’ this town just like a club

And no you don’t want to mess with us

Got Jesus on my necklace

You know we’re superstars


Model: Brianna Scheff

Hair & Makeup: Hair & Makeup by Brianna Scheff

Styling: Casey & Brianna

Editorial Shoot

I don’t generally post my photography on this blog, but I am just so dang excited about this image I can’t resist!

I did a shoot this afternoon with one of my coworkers (model) and my next door neighbor (hair/makeup). I’ve only gone through about 50 of the 588 images I shot and I am already so so happy with them! It feels good to stretch the creative muscles and not alays be shooting for ‘pretty’ or for family photo albums.

Expect to see more from this shoot in the very near future. Expect to see more Casey MacKenzie Photography/Hair & Makeup by Brianna Scheff colabs in the next few weeks, too!