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The SOLD Project

The SOLD Project is a grassroots organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to stop child prostitution before it begins.

The SOLD Project is a film and an organization. The purpose of the film is to tell the stories of children whose lives have been affected by prostitution, and allow those stories to inspire you to Re:Act. The purpose of the organization is to prevent the buying and selling of children through The SOLD Project Prevention Program.

The Prevention Program is made up of 1) Scholarships 2) Mentorship for every child that is sponsored 3) After School Programs including sports, art, English, and tutoring 4) Human Trafficking Awareness Programs at the school starting in every 6-grade classroom to teach the children about the realities of human trafficking and prostitution.

The SOLD Project also seeks to support our partner organizations in Thailand that work in the areas of rescue and rehabilitation for children at-risk.

The SOLD Project is targeting the 20 and 30-something generation. We believe we are a generation hungry for social justice and full of the passion and resources to create change. We are confident that the power this generation possesses will make a lasting impact on this issue worldwide. Although this age group is our target, we hope to reach people of all ages. We see no limit to what can be achieved when we all stand together to confront child prostitution.

-from The SOLD Project website

This is their new merchandise for sale to raise money for the project. The jewelry is really cool and made by street children in Northern Thailand. It should be up for sale on the website soon… I highly recommend it! I will even give you styling tips of you buy one!