I made a delicious dinner!

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Rocky Mountain Love Song

(I am bloging from the parking lot of a best western in wyoming.)

I drove through Rocky Mountain National Park today. As much as I didn't want to leave Denver and the Collins Family, I woke up early because I was so excited to get up to the mountains… And I was not disappointed!!

I met Uncle John for coffee in Boulder then was back in Estes Park to take route 36 through the park.

When I came around the first bend with a view of the valley with the snowy peaks behind it all I could do was utter "oh my God. Thank you! Oh God!" Over and over. Seriously. It brought tears to my eyes it is so beautiful. And the higher up I got the better!!

It started to snow at about 9000ish feet. Exciting!! By 11,000 feet I could barely see anything! It was all white and cold- just like Niagra Falls only quiet. My words can begin to express the beauty of the peaks swathed in the mist of clouds and snowstorms with the sun shining through in spots. You have to see it for yourself!

It was so cold and snowy I was forced (yeah, forced! Haha) to buy a beanie and gore-tex jacket at the gift shop! Haha so now I have a jacket that matches my tent and chair! Perfect.

New life plan: build and live in an igloo on top of a rocky mountain.

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