things to do

A list started in 1999.

Finish college
Own a Vespa
Own a convertible
Go Everywhere on ‘Places to Go‘ list
Get Married
Adopt kids
Go skydiving
Get my nose pierced
Never learn calculus
Design Jewelry
Ride a Vespa through Europe
Move to London
Be in a band
Publish a book
Meet Britney Spears
Make an impact
Photograph Mary Kate and Ashley
Get a Swedish massage in Sweden
Kayak through the Grand Canyon
Climb a mountain (a real one)
experience the Himalayas
Spend time in India
See Morocco
Boat the Amazon
See Siberia
Camp and fish in Alaska
See a moose
Suck life dry
Backpack through the back country in Grand Teton National Park
Live in a lighthouse
Live in a cabin in the mountains on a lake with my spouse and chop wood
Exhibit my art in NYC
Have an artist retrospective at the Tate
Go to all 50 states
Sail around the world


One thought on “things to do

  1. I think you can cross out “make an impact” lady! I saw the fruits of your hard work and efforts in Haiti that definitely made an impact in many Haitians’ lives!

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