“I dislike the idea of being a ‘religious poet’. I would prefer to be a poet for whom religious things mattered intensely.” Rowan Williams

I am an artist, sister, road tripper, anglophile, coffee guzzling wannabe academic. I live near San Francisco, but my heart lives in London.

I grew up in a family that values critical and creative thinking.  My childhood was spent sitting an a darkroom asking my scientist turned photographer grandfather endless questions, going to engineering classes with my mother, and staying up far past my bedtime devouring endless books.

After several years in the fashion industry, the recession, a brutal breakup and loss of my apartment drove me out of LA and onto the road. I did a 10-week solo road trip around the USA before starting a photography business and returning to university to finish my Bachelor’s.

In 2013 I fulfilled my life-long dream of moving to London. I arrived. I lived the dream and it did not let me down.  I earned my Master’s in Photography with Distinction from the University of the Arts London, made tons of friends, shot Fashion Week, did a huge art installation, won several awards… and then got kicked out. (Well, not kicked out per se, but I
was unable to renew my visa at the very last second. It was traumatic to say the very least.)

You can see my work on my website– fine art & commercial commission inquiries welcome. I can be reached by email on caseymac at gmail dot com.

11133753_855164944556525_2284967158986163666_n“And what did contemporaries think of the tragic hero? That he was great, they
looked up to him… But he who loves God has no need of tears, needs no admiration, and forgets his suffering in love, indeed forgets so completely that afterwards not the least hint of his pain would remain were God himself not to remember it; for God sees in secret and knows the distress and counts the tears and forgets nothing.”
Søren Kierkegaard



Smoke photo by Blaow.


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